Another house overlooking the Napa Valley, this project has French, American South and Oriental influences.  A friend, visiting this house, called it ‘scrumptious.'  Although only 1200 square feet, the wraparound veranda makes the house feel bigger than it is and offers summer shade and a great eating area.  The kitchen, dining, living room has a large skylight and a grand concrete fireplace, set up with a rotating spit, a cooking pot stand and enclosed lighting.  The bathrooms have smooth-trowelled, integral color plaster walls that are waxed around the tub and shower enclosures.  The master bath floor and tub deck are French limestone tile of large, random sizes.  Other than the skylight, all of the exterior light is provided by custom made, 8 ft tall French doors with shutters and screens.   The bath house is made of Rasta block, plastered on the interior and stone veneered on the exterior.   The pergola has spray misters for hot summer days by the pool.